Welcome to NACH Yomi! We’ll be breaking down the learning into approximately 6 or 7 minute chunks per day. The number of pesukim per day will vary slightly. Each day an email will be sent out with a link that will take you to a page with that day’s audio by our own magid shiur together with the hebrew text with english translation from The seder will be 6 days a week with Shabbos (and Yom Tov when applicable) being used as review/catch up days.

In the beginning of each week we’ll send out the schedule for the week so those of you who don’t want/ can’t listen to the audio can learn the material on their own. In addition we’ll keep a live schedule on the website at that you can access at any time.

Additionally we hope to send out a weekly email (Nach Nuggets) at the end of the week where we will try to tie in some of what we learned that week to various different parts of the Torah (Gemarah, Midrash etc.) to highlight the role that Nach plays and to show how the Torah comes together from all different angles. We hope that with the knowledge of the Nach that you are learning you’ll be better equipped to appreciate these pieces and perhaps have a new take on some old things you may have learned. There will be a seperate page on the website to access all the nach nuggets (  )

At any point you can always go to and navigate to any portion and any of the recordings that we have already covered.

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